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Salt water blasted into the air and hard, driving rain pelted them, prompting them to go back to their hotel for a break. As winds and rains from Matthew battered the coast, they stood by a seawall at the Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th-century Spanish fort.
Hurricane Matthew`s estimated losses are a fraction of those racked up by Superstorm Sandy, which barreled into the Northeast in 2012, and Hurricane Katrina, which swept through Louisiana and nearby states in 2005. The football field at Conway High School in South Carolina is flooded by rain from Hurricane Matthew, Saturday, Oct. (Sawyer Jordan twitter/sawdiggity via AP) 8, 2016, in Conway, S.
The deaths included an elderly Florida couple who died from carbon monoxide fumes while running a generator in their garage and two women who were killed when trees fell on a home and a camper. Four deaths were blamed on the storm in Florida, three in Georgia and three in North Carolina.
Property manager Nick Trunck went to check on check on several stores and apartments. He said the damage consisted of little more than several lost shingles, a lost awning and water seeping into one area.
Keith Paseur, right, and Jamie Day walk through a flooded street from Hurricane Matthew as they check on a neighbor riding out the storm in their downtown store in Brunswick, Ga. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman (BELL-ter-man) was taking names of people believed to remain on the island and had police officers calling them. Buelterman attributed some people`s complacency to the fact that the area hasn`t had a major storm for some time.
Authorities warned that the danger was far from over, with hundreds of miles of coastline in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina still under threat of torrential rain and dangerous storm surge as the most powerful hurricane to menace the Atlantic Seaboard in over a decade pushed north. Bull River Yacht Club Dock Master Robert Logan leaves the dock after finishing up storm preparations as Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the East Coast, Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, in Savannah, Ga.
The Asheville Citizen-Times reports website that with the hurricane menacing the Carolinas` coast, thousands of coastal residents fled their homes and vacation spots and decided to go to Asheville to enjoy the area`s attractions, and as a result, boost the local economy.
State officials released updated totals on Friday that showed that the powerful Category 3 storm had knocked out electricity over a wide stretch of the state`s eastern coast. Other hard hit areas include Brevard and Indian River counties. Most of the customers in Flagler and Volusia County - the home to Daytona Beach - were without power.
A post on the sheriff`s office Facebook page says the two adults were attempting to ride out the storm when high winds apparently caused the tree to fall. The man escaped with minor injuries, but the woman was killed.
Earlier projections had the hurricane farther offshore. Nikki Haley says the forecast for the state appears to have gotten worse: There are now hurricane warnings for the entire coast and the latest projections from the National Hurricane Center show the center of the storm very close to the coast near Charleston early Saturday morning.
In Geneva, the international Red Cross announced an emergency appeal for $6. 9 million Friday to provide medical aid, shelter, water, and sanitation assistance to 50,000 people in southwestern Haiti, which was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.
Associated Press writers Holbrook Mohr in Orlando, Florida; Gary Fineout in Tallahassee, Florida; Kelli Kennedy and Terry Spencer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Jennifer Kay, Freida Frisaro and Curt Anderson in Miami; Marcia Dunn in Cape Canaveral, Florida; Janelle Cogan in Orlando, Florida; Russ Bynum in Savannah, Georgia; Martha Waggoner in Raleigh, North Carolina; Jeffrey Collins on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; Jack Jones and Meg Kinnard in Columbia, South Carolina; and Bruce Smith in Charleston, South Carolina, contributed to this report.
Nelson Hall, 64, and Glenn Moore, 68, sit by a window in the lobby of the Hampton Inn as Hurricane Matthew rages outside in Titusville, Fla. (Will Vragovic/The Tampa Bay Times via AP)
On Saturday, Matthew sideswiped two of the South`s oldest and most historic cities - Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina - and also brought torrential rain and stiff wind to places like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina.
(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) Matthew continues moving north along Florida`s east coast. 7, 2016, in Vero Beach, Fla. Reaves Tuthill walks on a submerged dock at the Vero Beach Yacht Club, after checking on his boat in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Friday, Oct.
Hurricane Matthew approached the state overnight, bringing damaging winds and lots of rain. there were nearly 600,000 people without power. Some of the hardest hit counties were Brevard, Indian River and Volusia, where more than half of the customers in those counties were without power. State officials said that as of 9 a.Kennedy is no longer an active launching site; the space shuttles have been retired for five years. Both former shuttle launch pads, however, are being refurbished, one by NASA for its future Space Launch System rockets meant to carry astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit, and the other by private company SpaceX.
Sandy Dorsainvil is a Haitian-American community leader in Miami. She says volunteers eager to return to work waited in long lines at the Miami Gardens warehouse early Friday. About 20 organizations collecting medicine, food, clothing and building supplies for Haiti at a Miami-area warehouse suspended activity Thursday.
7, 2016, in Flagler Beach, Fla. Hurricane Matthew spared Florida
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